The negative becomes positive.

The negative becomes positive.
Through an air ionization process, particles are removed from space through negative ions that adhere to positive ions (dust, bacteria and viruses).

The ions produce a chemical reaction in the cell membrane that inactivates the virus.

HEPA    CA    UVC    I-    O3

As fast as it is effective.

3 to 6 min.

Purification time for environments from 60 to 180 m2.
Just rest.

Night mode does the rest.
The programmed ozonation process is activated to completely sterilize the space and surfaces while there is no movement of people in the place.

These are the five eV technologies

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30 years

of research, the right balance. With its intermediate size, the EV-O 600 covers spaces up to 180 m2 in minutes. It is ideal for shared offices, health clinics and commercial premises.

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biosecure environments

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